How to Protect your Child Online

13 Feb

Parents are charged with the responsibility of keeping their kids safe, no matter the circumstances. From teaching them how to deal with strangers, to how to conduct themselves while out there, kids learn to take care of themselves from the lessons you pass on. The same goes for the digital world. The internet is a vast and resourceful place. It is also filled with danger and cunning traps. A parent needs a good approach when it comes to teaching their kids how to maneuver this digital realm. 

There are apps that help parent control and monitor their kids’ online activities. These apps need to be accompanied by your vigilance and surveillance all the time. Apps can be tricked or fooled by an intelligent and determined kid. Go to to learn more. 

There are also many terms or service agreements that different devices, apps, games, and other software come with. You need to read those carefully, to know what level of intrusion you are exposing your kids to. This may take time and prove to be boring beyond comprehension, but understanding what an app takes away from your child’s life is worth the perusal. You shall also find ways to limit its access there. 

You will also benefit the most when you use a virtual private network offered by a trustworthy company. This is an added layer of security where the connection to your devices from the internet is kept encrypted at all times. This shall leave your data more secure. This shall also help minimize the intrusion most apps enjoy abundantly out there. You only need to invest in the best VPN you can find. 

You should also teach them to avoid public or open networks, and get into that habit yourself. There is a lot of hacking that goes on in public Wi-Fi spots such as down at the coffee shops. You shall, therefore, be risking info such as your usernames and passwords. Access to such sensitive info shall put your plans in jeopardy. If you must access the internet in this fashion, then you need to make sure the VPN software is operational round the clock. Do check out for useful info. 

You need to remember that kids learn best by observation. A child shall do what you do more than do what you tell them to. This means that you need to be at the forefront of safe online access and browsing. You will also teach them a lot when you use electronic devices more responsibly. We did not learn to spend hours and hours on social media by accident. We most likely picked the habit from people around us. Here's how to protect yourself while surfing online:

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