The Search Engine for Kids

13 Feb

With the school back in sessions, the web could be the best source of making your kids’ assignments or homework, but you may be worried about what your child could access in the web, especially if you’re not around him or her. In this article, we would discuss about the different child-friendly search engines wherein you do not have to think too often about the searches that are made by your child.

The search engines for kids provide the prescreened websites which are appropriate for their ages. The contents that are violent and harmful to your kid’s mind have already been filtered and replaced. With these search engines, your child would be able to search and discover a lot of things without having his or her parents worry on what he or she might encounter along the way. Go to to learn more. 

One of the most famous child-friendly search engines is powered by Google. The very first 3 results to every question are child-safe pages and sites which are specifically written for kids and handpicked by the site’s editors. The results that are for ages 4 to 7 years olds have also been handpicked by the same editors, and consist of safe and trusted websites which would surely be loved by the kids. Furthermore, the following results have already been written for the adults, but these are still filtered by these editors. 

The parents can control search engine by utilizing keywords and website blocking so that they can regulate the amount of searches made by their kids.

The best child friendly search engine should also be easy to use and understand by the kids. Since we’re talking about kids, they are using their eyes more in contrast to reading texts. They would love to see pictures, videos, and sometimes listen to music, that is why they would definitely learn a lot from a certain source whenever these senses are required. As a parent, you just have to make sure that all the explicit containing websites have been blocked. You'll definitely want to get more info.

It is amazing that these websites are already available. There would be more parents who would have peace of mind whenever their kids would utilize the internet. Also, the child-friendly search engines would be of great help for the educators and child development experts alike because they can now easily deliver information to the kids even if they do it online. Here's how search engines work:

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